a dream to dream,
in the waking hours
come play with me
in the field of stars

as far as we can be
let’s go to infinity
your name is mine
and mine is ubiquity

wearing the sky
walking on the air
come to me now
I am everywhere

dream something
and it’ll be me
the dream is real
if you want it to be

your dream is yours
your dream is mine
you open your eyes
the sun will shine

a world of dreams
is a present from me
if you let me be you
and you be me

I see you
I see me
I see a dream
an epiphany



The cabinet of past
was fastened at last
but horrors unchained
and I kept staring aghast

their incendiary ire
was breathing fire
just a paltry spark
yet a threat so dire

the winds unshackle
like a howling jackal
the shrilling wails
and clashing cackles

the ghosts they stood
with their head in hoods
pointing fingers at me
asking, how I could?

the one with red eyes
said ‘we do not chastise’
yet they all stood there
so I shut my ears, I shut my eyes

Darkness, Darkness
Oh! What a mess
Silences of deep
deafens nevertheless

Oh! I couldn’t escape
the horrors taking shape
so I squished my brains,
and they stood watching agape

See you later, Alligator

Hey, Let’s go back,
to where we began,
Oh! I could go there
But I couldn’t go then

If you call it green,
I’ll call it purple,
If you want to find me
I’m at the end of circle

If you ever see me
with a revolver,
consider it no better
than a bunch of flowers

Hey, that jingling thing,
Are those coins or keys?
Where your grave used to be
there’s now a plant of Jujubes

the blood in your veins
are now green creepers
you are the only awake
in a world full of sleepers

your bones they shine
on the darkest nights
Did you climb carefully?
while on a steep flight

Shall I kill you now,
or shall I do it later,
when you left the table
you forgot to tip the waiter

Are those coins or keys?
That jingling thing?
Where shall you fly?
If I cut down your wings

You picked a few clouds
And the sky was yours thence
Beyond the locked gate
I could see through the fence

Let me in, you dead brute
I can’t wait till later,
Spare me some change first
I have to tip the waiter.


The rails are reverberating
to the rhythm of your heart
the chugging train sings
as it slowly departs

look out of the window
the world is flying back
whistling, the train sings
over the melliflous tracks

look back at the station
it keeps getting smaller
upon a bridge, the train passes
and the tracks holler

the express thunders
as it passes an empty station
whilst in the dark tunnel
it sings for the sun

frozen people on stations
moving trees along the way
the train is running wild now
hissing steam in ash gray

waiting to listen to the song
with a zeal beyond compare
with ears upon the tracks
someone’s waiting there

Ah, the crossing lights,
it has halted the train,
the song has paused, but
at green lights, it’ll start again.


I am going to light a fire,
and burn this place down,
every fake smile on faces,
and every face with frown,
I am going to let it burn
till the fire spreads to town

I am going to light a fire
and burn every mistake
kick out every remorse
and give back every ache
I am going to burn this place
before anyone is awake

I am going to light a fire
and burn down every bridge
every word of pretense
and every bigoted language
I am going to burn every laugh
and then smile upon the wreckage

I wish I could light a fire
and burn down all the wishes
I wish If I could bring back
every picture back from ashes
I wish I could light a fire
and act upon all my impulses

When I was a child,
I once played with fire
burned my own hands
and some desires
I am going to light a fire again
and watch the flames go higher


Hell, its a twist of fate
wait, can’t you see
it’s slowly twisting,
behind your rusting gate,
till date, t’was a sea
it’s still persisiting,
get up now, don’t wait,
you’re late, hours are wee,
time’s wasting,
take off the weight,
look straight, into the sea
for a dive it’s insisting

dive, don’t be afraid to die
come alive, the storm’s in your eye

Meeting Point

beyond the echoes
of the slightest sound
where silence roars
at ocean’s shore

beyond the suns
to primodial waters
where waves run
back to creation

beneath the deep
and deep within
where senses thrive
enticing to dive

if ever, we fall apart
meet me back to the start